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  1. Can ZOFT contract manufacture a new custom product?
    Yes, we specialize in the development and production of customized functional chewing gum products (both extruded gum and compressed gum) as well as chewable tablets, lozenges, mints and candy — all with functional purposes and customized to customers' requirements. We can customize size, shape, flavor, color, ingredients etc. Imagine what you want and let us make it a reality. We take your product idea from concept to final production.

  2. Do you offer sugar-free products?
    Yes, we offer both sugar and sugar-free products in addition to products sweetened with Xylitol, a natural sugar substitute.

  3. Are the products made in the USA?
    Yes! We also have manufacturing partnerships around the world to better assist with International clients as well.

  4. What are the facility certifications?
    We manufacture products to your specifications in a Kosher certified and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant manufacturing environment.

  5. Do you offer private labeling?
    Yes, for those who would rather skip the custom formulation step and go right to production, we have already formulated several tableted products in chewing gum, lozenge and chewable tablet formats that are available to customers as a private label in their brand.

  6. What is compressed chewing gum?
    Compressed chewing gum comes from a manufacturing process that is a direct compression tableting process similar to that used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical tablets. The process is characterized as being dry and cool, which may be advantageous when dealing with many sensitive active substances. At ZOFT we can add in any active ingredient using compression. This greatly widens the market for our manufacturing clients.

  7. What is extruded chewing gum?
    Extruded chewing gum is a sophisticated process including mixing, extrusion, rolling, scoring and coating. It usually takes more than a day to reach a finished product because the extrudants must cool before they can be coated and packaged.

  8. Does the high temperature extrusion process kill the active ingredients?
    Proponents of the compression technique claim the method helps with the release of supplement and health benefits while others feel traditional gum manufacturing is enough. We offer both extruded and compressed options.

  9. Can ZOFT help with the custom formulation process?
    Yes, ZOFT has an in-house professional project management team to take a client's product from concept to final production. We provide fast turnaround on custom formulations and specialize in developing challenging formulations that include dietary and nutritional supplement ingredients. Our in-house formulation team works with customers to create unique products that will surpass their competitors in originality, effectiveness and taste.

  10. Is functional gum, functional foods and medicated confectionery the future?
    We strongly believe so. Today, chewing gum is far more than a piece of traditional tablet chewing gum. Consumers demand greater functionality and more interesting shapes, tempting colors and exciting taste experiences. Gum and confectioneries are also seen as an excellent delivery technology for supplements and active ingredients. They allow for fast absorption and do not require liquid for swallowing. Medical experts recognize functional gums and confectioneries as an often better way to get patients to take their doses regularly. They are also more attractive to the elderly and children who many have difficulty swallowing conventional pills.

  11. What functional ingredients can be added?
    We can incorporate a wide range of ingredients including actives, vitamins, minerals, herbals, botanicals, amino acids and more. We have developed and manufactured products including those for dental care, recalcification, probiotics, periodontal products, energy, stress management, weight loss, metabolic, nutricosmetic, antioxidants and many more.

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