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National TV

The Rachael Ray Show

ZOFT was featured on The Rachael Ray Show
February 5, 2010

The View

ZOFT was featured twice on The View
June 1, 2007 and June 27, 2007

Press Releases
ZOFT Announces MARCH MADNESS Logo Competition Encouraging Creative Minds Everywhere

March 12, 2014 -- ZOFT Gum has begun a thirty one day period of creative engagement with the ZOFT brand, enlisting contributors from across social media to playfully recreate the company logo.

ZOFT Gum Extends Range of Gum, Mint and Candy Contract Manufacturing For Business

March 01, 2014 -- ZOFT Gum can create generic and custom blends of value-added gums, mints and candies to provide a new dimension to marketing, promotion and brand identity with an extended range of products.

ZOFT Shares Chewing Gum Expertise With Nutritional Outlook In New Article

February 26, 2014 -- Nutritional Outlook Magazine has published a new article on ZOFT Gumís use of room temperature compression manufacturing to preserve active ingredients.

ZOFT Produces Custom Range of Sweet Candy Gifts for Sweethearts This Valentine's Day

February 13, 2014 -- ZOFT create Gum, Mints, Candy and Confections for suppliers around the world, and is offering heart-shaped special orders to help brands cash in when love is in the air.

ZOFT Gum Company Increases Contract Manufacturing for Private Label Companies

February 12, 2014 -- ZOFT Gum Company has developed, tested and produced a huge volume of gums, sweets, mints and lozenges and offer their own formulations to companies looking to release products fast.

ZOFT Gum Leads Way As Functional Chewing Gum Makes Switch From Extruded To Compressed Manufacturing

February 09, 2014 -- ZOFT Gum, leading maker of functional chewing gums, shows new compressed technique allows innovation and benefits public.

ZOFT Gum Company Manufactures Diverse Family Of Tableted Products For Faster Delivery Of Supplements, Nutrients

January 31, 2014 -- ZOFT has added the ability to manufacture a wide range of custom formulated tableted products now in demand by retailers and major industry suppliers.

ZOFT Gum Company Introduces New Capabilities of Chewable Products Manufactured With Direct Compression Technology

January 24, 2014 -- ZOFT gums and confections are now manufactured in chewable tablets delivering supplements and nutrients.

ZOFT Gum Company Expands With Multiple Factories To Meet Rapidly Growing Holiday Demand

October 21, 2013 -- ZOFT manufactures value-added gum and confections that deliver health and medical benefits.

ZOFT Introduces Functional Value-Added Mints and Candy To Deliver Health and Medical Benefits

October 09, 2013 -- For those tired of taking pills, ZOFT's tasty confectionery products provide needed doses.

ZOFT Now Manufacturing Sugar and Sugar Free Gums and Related Products Delivering Health Benefits

October 07, 2013 -- Xylitol - Natural Sugar Substitute Used For Sweetening Purpose

ZOFT Gum Expands Offering Manufacturing for Large Private Label Clients

October 03, 2013 -- Popular ZOFT gums and newly introduced functional candy and mints ease many health problems, illnesses, and diseases.


Nutritional Outlook magazine

February 21, 2014 -- Functional Chewing Gum Needs Compression, Not Extrusion, Says Zoft Gum

Confectionery News

February 10, 2014 -- Functional gum making extrusion to compression switch, says Zoft Gum

Boulevard magazine
Antenna - Hot Tips, Trends & Topics - By Silvia Weinstock

ZOFT was featured in the November/December, 2007 edition of the Victoria Boulevard Magazine on pages 24 and 25.

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